Episode 132 | Kelly Diels on Women, Money, + Power

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Episode 132 | Kelly Diels on Women, Money, + Power

Welcome to another episode of the Soulful MBA Podcast! Inspiring us today is feminist marketing consultant and writer, Kelly Diels, who joins us for the next episode in our Women and Money series.

When we first came across Kelly’s website, we could not stop reading through her refreshing  body of work on the intersection of feminism and online business. What struck us in particular was her focus on women and their finances and her own personal story, which she shares with us today.

Kelly helps feminist entrepreneurs and culture makers sell to women without selling out by teaching feminist principles, including how they apply to marketing and other facets of business. She talks openly about controversial topics, including the false perceptions that exist around poor people and money.

As a busy mom of five kids and a thriving entrepreneur, Kelly’s story is motivating and her message is profoundly important. 

Key Points from This Episode:

•    How growing up shaped Kelly’s relationship with money.

•    Dispelling the myth that poor people are “bad” with their finances.

•    The need for more narratives around stabilizing your revenues before attempting to scale.

•    Research that proves female entrepreneurs are incredibly capital resource efficient.

•    Teaching, coaching, and self-development as necessary skills for any culture.

•    Women filling in the gaps and doing uncompensated labor as a societal expectation.

•    Why you should charge someone for ‘picking your brain!’

•    Fast fashion and being more mindful with your purchasing decisions.

•    Shifting her business model after a family crisis required her to increase her income.

•    Raising capital and using credit to build a business.

•    Defining what the Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand (FLEB) is and aims to do.

•    Signing with a literary agent and writing a book about culture making.

•    Kelly’s tool for calculating your break even, thrive, and stretch numbers.

•    And much more!

Words of Wisdom:

“There’s this idea that women are risk averse and not good entrepreneurs and they need all this extra training. In fact, we get to profitability faster and we are way more capital resource efficient.” — @KellyDiels [0:07:08]


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