Episode 133 | Women, Money, and Mindset

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Episode 133 | Women, Money, and Mindset

Our series on women and money continues, and today’s episode is about getting your mindset set up for building wealth. We want you to confront your own  money stories and to uncover those internal narratives that could be holding you back.


We’ve heard some encouraging feedback from listeners who have benefited from our conversations and we want to continue the discussion—this time focused on mindset and limiting beliefs. We all face self-sabotaging thoughts on occasion and it is important for us, as women, to collectively confront these issues so that we can move passed them as a community. 


Today we get into self-imposed limitations, balancing vision and action, the ever-present victim mentality, and setting realistic goals.


Key Points from This Episode: 

• How the things we surround ourselves with unknowingly define our limitations. 

• Why we tend to set ordinary goals when we should be aiming for the extraordinary.

• Banishing your self-imposed limiting beliefs by reflecting on your childhood dreams. 

• How the messages we receive about money as little girls impose certain limits on us. 

• Committing to a goal and starting to ask “Why not me?”

• The need for a balance between having a strong vision and taking action. 

• How we set ourselves up for failure in the language we use to describe our goals.

• The victim mentality that has people waiting for the universe to make their dreams come true.

• Being careful not to glorify the first step and forgetting about the hundreds of steps thereafter.  

• Taking ownership of and committing to the process of getting to where you want to be. 

• Setting realistic goals, realizing that it takes time. 

• The unrealistic expectations we have of the first years of business. 

• The advantages and disadvantages of the normalization of online business. 

• And much more!



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