Episode 134 | Claire Pelletreau on Getting Honest About Money

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Episode 134 | Claire Pelletreau on Getting Honest About Money

Continuing with our women and money series, we are thrilled to share this recent interview with Claire Pelletreau—a Facebook Ads expert who runs a six-figure online business and hosts The Get Paid Podcast.

As you may infer from the name of her show, Claire loves to talk about all things money. Once a week, she sits down with entrepreneurs and asks them tough and very personal questions about their businesses. A standout from these episodes is her tradition of asking guests what they pay themselves—a question that most people would admit is quite uncomfortable.

In this episode, Claire shares insights about her own business journey and reveals what it’s like to ask her guests about money. We also get into why Claire believes paid ads are so important and how she manages her own success.

We absolutely love Claire's work and we both listen to EVERY episode of her show. It is so affirming and enlightening and we are grateful for her contribution to the broader money conversation. Enjoy the episode!


Key Points From This Episode:

•    Asking the questions that no one seems to want to ask on a podcast.

•    How Claire started work as a freelancer while employed elsewhere.

•    Finding early guests for the podcast who were comfortable talking about money.

•    Why Claire still gets nervous asking what people pay themselves.

•    Unpacking a particular person's story and looking beyond a snapshot.

•    Claire's younger years, career dreams, and how she came into entrepreneurship.

•    Discovering money mindsets and how important this moment was for Claire's journey.

•    Claire's current money goals; why she is currently focussing on income over revenue.

•    Business scaling and why ads are so essential.

•    Claire's family, friends and social community; their reactions to her success.

•    The divide between online entrepreneurs and the rest of the world.

•    The most surprising elements of hosting a podcast about money. 

•    This week's top of mind question round with Claire!

•    Claire's joy and hustle recommendations.

•    And much more!


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Connect with Claire

Claire Pelletreau — https://clairepells.com/

The Get Paid Podcast — https://clairepells.com/category/podcast/

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