Episode 136 | Having Faith and Knowing Your Numbers with Lori Kennedy

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Episode 136 | Having Faith and Knowing Your Numbers with Lori Kennedy

“I wanted the business more than I was afraid of the fear of not being able to pay the debt back.”  - Lori Kennedy


Our current series on women and money has encouraged many of you to reflect on your own money stories. During this process, you may have uncovered beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your full potential and this series is meant to unshackle you from these restraints through the stories shared by other women who have experienced similar circumstances.

In today’s episode, you’ll get to hear more about Lori Kennedy’s money journey, including her bold sales goals, her belief in the importance of women starting businesses, and why she gets frustrated when she sees women holding themselves back as entrepreneurs.

Given her level of success today, you may be surprised to hear that Lori is “not good with numbers” and even failed high school math, but she is living proof that obstacles like these are possible to overcome. Once an over-spender, she shares about learning to view money and debt as neutral and to remove emotion from the equation in growing her business.


Key Points from This Episode: 

•    How Lori came into her role as an entrepreneur and being self-employed from a young age.

•    Discovering her purpose and how the journey helped her to become a better human being.

•    Growing up in an affluent home and always wanting to make her own money. 

•    Not understanding the value of money, compulsive shopping and getting into credit card debt.

•    What Lori has learned about the importance of paying attention to and tracking the numbers.

•    Cultivating a mindset where she has faith that everything will be ok.

•    An incident of running into a cash flow crisis, how she dealt with it, and what she learned.

•    Why she was not afraid of incurring debt to grow her business.

•    How defining what rock bottom looked like for her served her well from early on.

•    Where she starts the money conversation with the women she coaches.

•    Showing the reality of growth to people based on straightforward numbers.

•    Looking critically at how you spend your time and accepting the pre-revenue phase.

•    Getting beyond the conversation about money blocks.

•    Having her home professionally organized and the hustle of integrating a sales department.

•    And much more! 


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Connect with Lori:

Lori Kennedy on LinkedIn — https://ca.linkedin.com/in/lorikennedyinc

Lori Kennedy on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/lorikennedyinc/

Lori Kennedy on Twitter — https://twitter.com/lorikennedyinc

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Joy: hiring a professional organizer

Hustle: integrating a sales department

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