Episode 137 | The Cold, Hard Truth About Making Money Online

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Episode 137 | The Cold, Hard Truth About Making Money Online

On this episode of the show, we talk about mindset triggers that may be holding you back from making the kind of money you’re looking to make online. This episode is an important next step in our Women and Money Series, where we share the tough-love lessons we’ve learned about our own mindset traps and how limiting beliefs can drastically affect your ability to make money.


We see these patterns, these excuses, these victim mentalities play out all the time online and in this episode, we take the opportunity to address the common thought patterns that get so many of us stuck in a rut. Here, we break down the Top 7 limiting beliefs/excuses we hear way too often:

1. I can’t do what everyone else is doing.
2. There’s so much free stuff out there...who’s going to pay for mine?
3. Not embracing your inner salesperson.
4. I won’t be able to figure it out.
5. I’m not techie enough!
6. Always telling old stories.
7. I don’t really believe yoga teachers (or health coaches or spiritual teachers or personal trainers or ______ ) can make money.

If any of these excuses ring true to you, we’re going to help you kick them to the curb!


Key Points From This Episode:


•    Failure to launch: The two types of dreamers you don’t want to be.

•    Why you need to take action and take a chance on yourself.

•    The comparison game and how to finally stop playing it.

•    Why you should still charge a fair price even though everything already exists for free.

•    Discover how to embrace your inner salesperson.

•    How to actively start believing that you CAN do hard things.

•    Find out why your excuses about technology are not helpful.

•    A shout out to the softer skills: empathy, communication, compassion.

•    How to break the “belief ceiling” and stop telling yourself old stories.

•    The importance of writing a new story and acting on it every day.

•    The value of building a scalable teaching/coaching business online today.

•    And much more!


Words of Wisdom:


“Keep your eyes on your own page and do the work.”


“Saying you’re ‘not technical’ is not a valid excuse. Of course you can do it.” 



Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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