Episode 139 | Why You Should Build Something That You Own

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Episode 139 | Why You Should Build Something That You Own

This episode of our show was inspired by a recent blog post by Seth Godin, titled “What Do You Own?”

Today’s economy is rapidly shifting. The old capitalist model of going to school, getting into college, and settling down into one job for the rest of your life – is almost non-existent. There are very few jobs out there today that can provide an absolute sense of security.This is why we believe that everyone should be an entrepreneur, if not full-time, then at least as a serious side-hustle.

If all we have to trade for survival is our time, that’s a really sad predicament to be in, and like Seth Godin says in his article, “If you own nothing but the next eight hours of your time for sale to the highest bidder, you may be disappointed in the bids you get.” There is nothing more empowering than creating something of your own, learning how to run it, controlling it, and experiencing money come in based on how hard you work and how much risk you’re willing to take.

Today, we take stock of what we own by looking at our assets in a whole new light. By the end of this episode, you’ll feel inspired and supported in your decision to start building something that you own, right now!


Key Points from This Episode:

•    The shift happening in today’s economy and how to secure your future within it.

•    Why owning your time does not provide the same security it did in the old economic model.

•    Discover the lessons entrepreneurship can teach you and why these are important right now.

•    Re-defining “assets” and what it really means to own them to propel your own business.

•    How to build and store a collection of unique assets that no one can take away from you.

•    A recap on capitalism and Marxism and why owning something is the only way to thrive.

•    Why now is the time to think about the reality of the economic system we’re living in.

•    Entrepreneurship as a path out of oppression for the historically under-represented.

•    The common excuses we make to avoid entrepreneurship and making that small start.

•    Choosing to make a change in your life, creating space, and taking small steps every day.

•    And much more!


Words of Wisdom:

“There’s no such thing as long-term stability, that doesn’t exist anymore. Your safety comes from being adaptable.”


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“What Do You Own?” by Seth Godin — https://seths.blog/2019/09/what-do-you-own/

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