Episode 140 | Investing in Yourself and Your Business with Nicole Lebreux

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Episode 140 | Investing in Yourself and Your Business with Nicole Lebreux

Our guest today is Nicole Lebreux. Nicole is a yoga instructor, a whole-plant herbalist, a mom, and the founder of Nicole Lebreux Yoga and Wellness.

One of our Inner Circle clients, Nicole is an inspiring example of what you can achieve when you take action and invest in yourself. She has achieved fantastic results by following the step-by-step process that we lay out in our Beta Launch Lab—our brand new course on how to launch a profitable digital product within 30 days.

Rather than come up with excises, Nicole went through the course, got down to business, and made some money! Although she has a smaller email list and a not-massive following on social media, she still had a fantastic launch.

We see SO people delaying an online launch because they believe they don’t yet have a big enough following. In this episode, Nicole debunks this myth by sharing her numbers, walking us through her beta launch process, providing tips on pricing, digital product curation, and community interaction.

Most importantly, we hear about the massive mindset shift Nicole experienced when she decided to invest in herself and in her business, and the impact this had on her results. Nicole is a force of nature, passion, and enthusiasm—and by the end of this episode, she’ll have you feeling like you can take a chance on yourself and your business too.


Key Points From This Episode:

•    Why Nicole was inspired to move into the online/digital space after the birth of her child.

•    Making the shift from working for someone else to working for yourself using an online model.

•    Challenges with adapting to teaching online from a background of teaching in-person.

•    Navigating tech, software and digital strategies and products for your online business.

•    The Beta Launch Lab and how to use it to build a solid foundation for your online business.

•    Using your online and in-person community to help you develop your first digital product.

•    Nicole shares what she built for her Beta Launch Lab course product and how she did it.

•    Why you don’t need great numbers to achieve great success in your online business.

•    From “cart open” to “cart close”: How many sign-ups do you really need?

•    Tips for deciding on how to price your first beta course or program.

•    Where to turn for support and how to take action if you’re not a self-motivated person.

•    Discover how investing in yourself can help you take your business more seriously.

•    And much more!


Words of Wisdom:

“Everything I have to share, you can find online, but it’s not coming from me. People want to hear it from me.” — Nicole Lebreux [0:20:20]

“I didn’t know how powerful investing in yourself is, energetically. Once I did that, it totally changed the game.” — Nicole Lebreux [0:25:50]

“I think the investment, at first, is probably the scariest thing if you’re not used to spending on yourself.” — Nicole Lebreux [0:26:30]


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