Episode 141 | The Power of Beta Launching with Ericka Thomas

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Episode 141 | The Power of Beta Launching with Ericka Thomas

If you’ve ever worried that you need a massive email list or social following to successfully  launch as online program, this week’s guest is living proof that you absolutely do not. 

Ericka Thomas, founder of Elemental Kinetics LLC, joins us on the show to share the juicy numbers from her first-ever online launch. As a recent graduate of our new Beta Launch Lab course (our Inner Circle clients got first dibs!), Ericka has truly embraced a new entrepreneurial mindset and found well-earned success right out of the gate.

Ericka breaks down her real numbers for us on the podcast—including the size of her email list, and the number of sales she saw come in during her launch. This episode is really about embracing the very beginning of the business journey—when it’s all about those first sales, the three- and four-figure launches, and the tiny email list. There is SO much emphasis on the six-figure launches, but this is not where any of us start. We all start small and this is such a thrilling place to be! 

Fundamentally, Ericka’s story is about embracing a new identity and transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. If you have ever doubted your readiness for starting your own online because you aren’t experienced enough, famous enough, technical enough, big enough—Ericka’s story will help you to see that you are probably more ready than you think.


Key Points from This Episode:

•    How Ericka transitioned from an independent yoga practitioner to starting her own business.

•    Ericka’s passion for trauma-informed yoga and tension-release exercise (TRE) and how she is working to weave this into her online business.

•    The process of figuring out what your clients want: Who to ask and what to ask them?

•    How to take the information your clients have given you and use it to expand your network.

•    Shift Under Pressure: Learn more about the product Ericka launched for her Beta Course.

•    The importance of the 27-word persuasion sentence for your first product launch.

•    16 sign-ups by midnight: Discover the surprising results from Ericka’s first launch.

•    Dealing with an identity crisis in the middle of your launch and realizing your self-worth.

•    How to get at least half the people on your email list to buy your Beta program.

•    Connecting with your clients and the value of launching to an audience that knows you.

•    And much more!


Words of Wisdom:

“You just need to pick your people and stick with them.” —@namastream [0:08:20]

“Sometimes if you want something different, you have to let the other thing go.” — Ericka Thomas [0:26:20]

“You can’t quit before you start.” — Ericka Thomas [0:28:20]

“Before, I never looked at what I did as a business.” — Ericka Thomas [0:28:50]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Elemental Kinetics LLC — http://www.elementalkinetics.com

Elemental Kinetics on Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/elementalkineticsmovewell/

Ericka Thomas on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericka-thomas-282060b7/

Beta Launch Lab — http://betalaunchlab.com/

Namastream — https://namastream.com/

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