Episode 104 | Power

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Episode 104 | Power

“In 2018, there is no earthly reason, biological or otherwise, why men should have more power than women.” - Hanna Rosin

In this episode, we explore our relationships to power. Are you comfortable with the concept of power? What about empowerment? What about laying claim to your own power (Can you get behind the idea of power for other women, but not for yourself)? This is a term that many of us wrestle with regularly in our work and lives.

Perhaps we ought to take Mary Beard up on her suggestion to transform power from a noun into a verb. This way, it is less about power being a character trait and more about power being an intentional practice, comprised of multiple daily acts.

Our takeaway? Collectively, we need to stop judging other women for exercising power, while constantly finding ways to effect our own.

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