Episode 107 | How to Know if You’re Ready to Start an Online Business

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Episode 107 | How to Know if You’re Ready to Start an Online Business

“Ready” is relative. Most people who have done everything in the known universe to prepare themselves to become first-time parents, or move to a new country, or come out to their families will STILL be surprised or uneasy when the time comes. The same goes for launching an online business—even if you’ve taken ALL the courses and read ALL the books and worked with coaches, you’ll never be able to anticipate every triumph and setback.

Which is totally, 100% fine. Because readiness isn’t about knowing exactly what to do in every situation, it’s about being prepared to bounce back when the unexpected arises. It’s about seeing where your unique talents meet a pressing customer need. It’s about attitude and energy and momentum and consistency.

So how can you tell if you’ve got the right attitude, energy, and momentum to launch your online business RIGHT NOW? Here are seven indicators that you’re prepared to take the plunge:

  1. Your product or service addresses a need.

  2. You understand the risks.

  3. You have unwavering faith in your idea or product.

  4. You have (or are actively building) an audience.

  5. You’re in a good place emotionally, personally, and financially.

  6. You understand your niche.

  7. You’ve got a short- and long-term plan in place.


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