Episode 115 | Building a Marketing Empire with Emily Hirsh

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Episode 115 | Building a Marketing Empire with Emily Hirsh

In today’s episode, we interview Emily Hirsh—an industry leading Facebook Ads and Sales Funnel Strategist who works with high-profile entrepreneurs to grow their businesses online.

In less than three years she has expanded her business from a single client to a multi-million dollar agency with over twenty people on her team. Emily now works with some of the biggest names in online business—from life coaches to fitness experts to Internet celebrities.

Emily and her team work with business owners to take the fear and overwhelm out of marketing and make even the most complicated launches feel stress-free.

When Emily isn’t growing her online empire, you can find her traveling the world with her family or playing in the park with her two young children. 

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Joy: morning routine / house manager
Hustle: to-do list (top 3), momentum masterclass planner

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