Episode 125 | 7 Tips for Stellar Social Media Videos

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Episode 125 | 7 Tips for Stellar Social Media Videos

Today on the show we will be giving you seven tips for creating captivating and impactful social media videos! Video has been the format for social content for years and it shows no signs of letting up.

So what better way to master your social media skills than to brush up on your video creation strategy? These tips apply to both live and recorded video, and we touch on video primarily for Facebook and Instagram.

It is very important to keep your video content and each individual video within the larger picture of your social media strategy, so be sure to consider your audience and you can reach them in the most appropriate spaces and ways.

The tips we run through in this episode include having a clear goal and purpose for a video, deciding on a platform, headline creation, content and message preparation, calls to action, captions and subtitles, and lastly, thumbnail selection.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Making sure you have a clear goal and purpose for your video.

  • Which platforms should you use to share a video?

  • How to create a compelling headline.

  • Outlining your content while steering away from full scripting.

  • Your all important call to action!

  • Captions, subtitles and adding supplementary text to your videos.

  • Selecting an amazing and compelling thumbnail.

  • The joy and hustle for this week!

  • And much more!


Words of Wisdom:

“You should really consider how a single video fits into your larger editorial calendar.”

“You must drill down and figure out where your people are spending their time and how to reach them best in that space.”

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Namastream — https://namastream.com

Soulful MBA — https://www.soulful.mba

Clipomatic —https://www.apalon.com/clipomatic.html

Handbrake — https://handbrake.fr


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Hustle: The Social Media Video Checklist

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