Episode 130 | Our Money Stories

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Episode 130 | Our Money Stories

In this episode, we’re getting vulnerable and sharing our money stories with you.

This is not always an easy topic to discuss publicly, yet we need to start having these conversations in order to remove some of our collective shame about money—shame that is not helping any of us, particularly women.

Going back to our memories of childhood, we share some of the difficult circumstances that shaped our understanding of—and relationship to—money. We hope that our experiences will give you the courage to confront your own stories about money.

Don’t miss out on this heartfelt conversation!  

Key Points from This Episode:

  • What growing up with a single mom taught Sandy about hard work and owing money.

  • Why Sandy decided to transition from the medical field to business and entrepreneurship. 

  • Jeni’s father: a musician, a brilliant mind and the drug problem that ruined him. 

  • An unstable financial life of alternating between being wealthy and poor. 

  • Jennifer’s experience of money as something you can’t control. 

  • The additional financial strain when Sandy’s mom took in a paraplegic foster child.

  • Jeni leaving home at 16 and applying for financial emancipation from her parents.  

  • Losing her father and deciding to postpone grad school for fear of student loan debt. 

  • The common problem of women not having their own money (and therefore little agency).  

  • How Jeni felt like she needed to prove her worth through success in her work.  

  • Why hustling and working really hard do not always equate to success.  

  • Having to still recognize and address mindset problems about money. 

  • Holding on to money versus investing it in real estate and the fears around it. 

  • Views on retirement, saving toward it and preparing for the unknown future. 

  • The need for women to build wealth for themselves and become investors.  

  • And much more!  

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