Episode 3 | Commitment

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Episode 3 |  Commitment

In this episode, we deal with the third rail of online business; commitment. We are firm believers that success is rooted in the long view. How can we take action now that leads to predictable long term success? When you make a promise to yourself to take on a project in your business, we encourage you to honor that commitment. In our experience, business is often pretty underwhelming in the first few months, but can far exceed your expectations in just a few short years.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It requires being comfortable with a certain amount of risk and it is nothing if not a fantastic adventure. (“Life is either an adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller). Even failure can provide a tremendous learning experience. You need to experience a whole bunch of micro-failures in order to achieve macro-success. Just dig in your heels, commit, and keep going.

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