Episode 14| Voice


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Episode 14 | Voice

A strong public persona (or voice) is an important component of any modern business. In this episode, we dive into the four elements that we’ve identified as being important to sharing your voice online:

  1. Messenger (identify WHO is the best person to be promoting your brand or product in any given scenario)
  2. Timing (you want to be really careful about promoting yourself too soon or too often)
  3. Message (master the art of copywriting, learn to write how you speak, tailor your message to the person who will be receiving it, practice being public with your voice consistently)
  4. Medium (you want to hone in on one medium first — writing, video, audio, maybe take a cue from whatever medium you’ll be using for your paid programs)

Joy: George Lakoff || Idea Framing, Metaphors, and Your Brain (video)

Hustle: Word Hippo || OneLook Reverse Dictionary || 33 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writer || Panabee

Resources Mentioned: