Episode 40 | Ruckus


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Episode 40 | Ruckus

Ruckus-making, in the context of business, is the same thing as innovation (with maybe a little bit of a political bent). In fact, YOU having a business is a very political act. You are veering outside of the path of the dominant economic culture.

The antidote to the monopolistic economic culture comes in the form of the artisan. As modern humans, we’re drawn to local, small-batch, unique. They serve as a counterweight to the heavy core of big business, big agriculture, big healthcare, and big tech.

As a community creating intentional, conscious businesses, we are paving the way for a new brand of artisan: digital artisans.  

How can you shake things up in your own small corner of a market somewhere?

Joy: Tartine Bakery
Hustle: The Content of No Content by Elizabeth Kolbert