Episode 45 | Redundancy

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Episode 45 | Redundancy

So many people in our community share the dream of building an online business, but feel overwhelmed by the process. We’ve taken the entire journey from idea to first customer and distilled it into a free 5-Day Challenge (soulful.mba/5days). While the challenge itself covers the nuts and bolts of creating a digital product, this episode focuses on the reasons why taking your business online is worth considering.

Here are some of the major benefits that can come from taking your teaching online:

  1. An online offering serves as a de facto insurance policy against your local, brick-and-mortar business or job.
  2. If structured properly, your online business can afford you the ability to take a break without significantly cutting into your income. It also gives you much greater geographic freedom.
  3. The overhead is extremely low. You have the freedom to take risks and experiment without any real negative implications.
  4. The opportunity is big (financially and for impact).

The bottom line? It’s smart to build redundancy into your finances.

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