Episode 47 | Eighteen


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Episode 47| Eighteen

After sifting through our own clients’ stories (as well as the experiences of our friends and colleagues in online business), we’ve observed that it takes about eighteen months of consistent daily action in order to create a significant recurring revenue base — what some folks refer to as passive income.

After taking hundreds of our community members through a free 5-Day Challenge last month, where we helped them go from idea to first paying customer, the same question came up over and over… “This was amazing, but what happens next?”

Although the asking for the first sale is often the hardest for many of us venturing into entrepreneurship, what happens between day five and day five hundred is what really matters. Consistent daily action sets the stage for predictable recurring revenue. There’s no magic sauce. You need to put in the daily work to see the payoff later.

Because so many of our clients were confused about which specific steps to take to grow their online teaching businesses, we built the Soulful MBA. Here’s a peek at our six-phase course roadmap, where we’ve outlined our best thinking on how to start, develop, and grow a teaching business online: 

  • Phase 1 - Build Your Foundation

  • Phase 2 - Develop Your Voice

  • Phase 3 - Create Your Offering

  • Phase 4 - Excite Your Audience

  • Phase 5 - Launch Your Offering

  • Phase 6 - Fine Tuning

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