Episode 53 | 2017

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Episode 53 | 2017

This week’s episode dives into our favorite finds of 2017, along with a hearty dose of reflection. Listen in to learn why we love the following books, tools, thinkers, and ideas:

Best Books: Deep Work, Drop the Ball
Best Netflix Shows: The Crown, Brojects, Reno My Reno
Best Purchases: Madewell High Rise Jeans, Bellicon, Denim Jogger, Jamie Joseph Rings
Most Influential People: Austin Kleon, Kelly Diels
Favorite Instagram Accounts: @hellofunction, @code_likeagirl
Best Decisions: restructuring our team, starting our podcast
Favorite Articles: Life is a Video Game—Here are the Cheat Codes, 1,000 True Fans, Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break
Best Podcast Episodes: Sheryl O’Loughlin on Good Life Project, Danielle LaPorte on The Lively Show
Best Conference: Craft + Commerce
Words of the Year: Flourish, Implementation

Other Mentions: The Royal Family on Instagram