Episode 56 | Essence

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Episode 56 | Essence

“Singularity is the source of innovation.” — Carol Sanford

Although new entrepreneurs can benefit from initial coaching and mentorship, your value proposition ultimately comes from your unique essence. In this episode, we discuss the work of Carol Sanford and the reason why it is so important to identify your business’s essence.

In some ways, essence is related to branding, but your business’s essence is bigger than its brand. As Sanford notes, “Essence is unique to each company, and cannot be made up...It is similar to the uniqueness each child has in a family. Children prosper best when their essence is honored and contributed. Only years later will you know their brand and how they apply it to their work in the world. They will be most successful and creative when their life and work are aligned with their essence. The same is true for business.”

So many potential clients reach out to us asking “How can I possibly be successful when there are so many other yoga teachers, health coaches, fill-in-the-blanks, online already?” The answer we always give is “But they’re not YOU.” The world doesn’t need a handful of famous, untouchable  gurus. Human beings crave connection and there are people that can benefit from YOUR unique way of teaching, coaching, and serving.

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