Episode 60 | Insourcing

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Episode 60 | Insourcing

Starting an online business? You need to run (not walk) to go hire a virtual assistant (VA). At least that’s the conventional wisdom we were told when we first started this entrepreneurial journey...

We’ve streamlined our team in recent months and taken over tasks that were once delegated to virtual assistants and agencies and it has been THE VERY BEST decision we could have made for our business.

We call this process insourcing, and although we naively thought we coined the term, it turns out to be a well-studied business phenomenon. (Heck, the Obama Administration even had a directive on insourcing back in 2012.)

When is the right time to insource vs. outsource? Listen in to learn the powerful strategies that we’ve used to increase our revenue while cutting costs and reducing stress and anxiety in our business.

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