Episode 62 | Just

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Episode 62 | Just

“Just is a word that minimizes whatever follows. And somehow I got it in my head that adding that little ‘just’ in there made whatever request I had smaller, easier to handle, and less of an inconvenience to whoever I was emailing. Basically, it’s another word for sorry.” - Chelsea Stone

The podcast gets personal this week. After releasing more than 60 episodes, we want to check in about the observation that we use a lot of qualifiers like “just” and “actually” in our speech and dialog with one another. We know we do it, we know that it’s an expression of internalized sexism, and we believe that it undermines our authority.

“It’s not a huge deal, is it? But language shapes consciousness...” - Tracy Moore

This episode is our commitment to doing better, owning our power, and standing in our leadership. Want to join us?

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