Episode 71 | Expertise

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Episode 71 | Expertise

In this episode, we explore the topic of expertise. Our new tagline, “leverage your expertise into a profitable online business,” has become a bit controversial in our community and we want to offer some thoughts as to why “expertise” might be a troublesome concept for some of you.

Perhaps you identify with Sandy, who is fine with someone else calling her an expert, but not ok with calling herself an expert? Or maybe you’re generally uncomfortable with the word and don’t know why?

Here’s a loose list of criteria we’ve come up with for evaluating your expert status: 

  1. You have more knowledge that other people in a particular area of work
  2. You have credentials in a given area
  3. You have a demonstrated track record of excellence
  4. You’ve impacted people through your work
  5. You’re receiving referrals
  6. You’re confident in your expertise

We’d like to encourage you to explore your own relationship to expert status, since it can be such a powerful driving force in the growth of your business.

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