Episode 74 | Laura

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Episode 74 | Laura

“Women often speak about their ambition in terms of altruism. This isn’t the full story.” - Laura Close

This episode features a candid conversation with Laura Close. Laura is a Seattle-based executive leadership coach and career consultant who leads a select portfolio of clients through the transformative work of leadership development, helping them reach their next level of career and business achievement.

In this episode, Laura explains why it’s problematic for women to lead with soft skills in business (and what they should do instead). She also shares her fascinating 4-part framework for identifying your own type of selfish drive:

  1. Money
  2. Fame
  3. Power
  4. Authority

To summarize, Laura recommends two primary strategies for business success: (1) lead with your most technical value, and (2) identify (and come to terms with) your most selfish motivation.

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