Episode 90 | Favorite Things

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Episode 90 | Favorite Things (Summer 2018)

We’ve been collecting some of our favorite resources to share with you this summer, including our newest Instagram favorites, some powerful, yet simple, tech tools to try out, our favorite new podcasts, and some bonus online shops that we recommend you check out.

Favorite Instagram Accounts
Sandy: @helloplantlady / @knitatude / @thehellyeslife
Jeni: @accidentallywesanderson / @riseandwander / @ritual_botanica

Business + Tech Resources
Sandy: CutStory for Instagram Stories
Jeni: DuckDuckGo Chrome Extension 

Podcasts We’re Crushing On
Sandy: Call Your Girlfriend / Ear Hustle
Jeni: Werk It: The Podcast

Online Shops
Sandy: Piece on Peace / RMS Beauty
Jeni: Primary Children’s Clothing

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