Episode 97 | Jenny Girl Friday: Why Every Business Needs a Sidekick

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Episode 97 | Jenny Girl Friday: Why Every Business Needs a Sidekick

Every new business needs a sidekick–someone who understands how to set up shop, maneuver taxes and licensing issues, and build out some basic spreadsheets.

In this episode we interview Jenny MacLeod (aka “Jenny Girl Friday”), who has been working one-on-one with self-employed women for over five years. She’s on a new mission to make those necessary business chores easier and even fun…for every single self-employed woman in Seattle. As a small business owner herself, Jenny offers Sidekick Services (tax reminders + how-to articles via email), one-time consults, workshops, and, coming SOON, an online business apothecary.  She also released a book last year, How to Become Self-Employed in Seattle: A Guidebook, Companion, and Reference.

Jenny lives in Seattle in a half-finished house, with her husband Alex and two teenagers. You might spot her driving around town in her VW bus on her way to yoga or happy hour. Amazingly, Jenny has never owned a cell-phone (what?!) and she built her business out of the belief that self-employed people are essential to the soul of Seattle.

Connect with Jenny: jennygirlfriday.com / Business Apothecary

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