Office Hours | Instagram Micro-blogging (Part 1)

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Office Hours | Instagram Micro-blogging (Part 1)

Instagram can a fantastic platform for connecting authentically with your audience. Although it seems natural to focus primarily on the images you’re posting, we want to encourage you to focus just as much on your captions.

Micro-blogging is the practice of creating information-packed, short-form blog posts that accompany social media images. Doing this allows you to convey important news, helpful tips, and other rich content quickly and effectively, without having to write and promote a traditional 500-800 word blog post.

We love to use Instagram for micro-blogging and here are six strategies you can use to build community and trust through your posts:

  1. Be short and sweet.
  2. Make sure that your content is unique and original.
  3. Lead with the most important information early on in the post.
  4. Encourage comments and interaction.
  5. Share relevant tips and tricks for your followers.
  6. Offer a peek behind the curtain.