Office Hours | Online Challenges (Part 1)


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Office Hours | Online Challenges (Part 1)

Today’s episode is Part 1 of our quick overview of online challenges. An online challenge is a multi-step, user-driven series of activities guided by pre-written content. Challenge creators are usually trying to build their followings, and the challenge itself offers subscribers a tangible, fun, motivating reward for signing up.

Online challenges can be run through blogs, Facebook Groups, Instagram, virtually any online medium, but if you’re aiming to build your email list, your challenge should be email-based.

A well-crafted challenge can:

  • teach your subscribers to open your emails
  • build rapport and connection with your community

  • highlight your expertise as a teacher or coach

  • prime subscribers to purchase

Tune into next week’s office hours episode to hear our favorite strategies for building an impactful challenge!