Office Hours | Promoted Pins


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Office Hours | Promoted Pins

Pinterest is a powerful tool for anyone who runs an online business. A whopping 92% of our social traffic comes from the platform, so it's time we share with you our secret sauce: Promoted Pins.

With Facebook Ads, you generally target people by demographic or psychographic information. With Pinterest, you can target by search terms (i.e., you only pay to expose your advertisement to people who are already looking for what you’re selling).

In this episode, we share seven tips for optimizing your Promoted Pins:

  1. authenticity
  2. use text overlays strategically
  3. optimize pin descriptions with keywords
  4. create vertical pins to take up more real estate on the screen
  5. try out a collage (such as a yoga sequence broken down by pose or a recipe broken down by step)
  6. be sure to include your logo or website on your image (People steal!)
  7. don’t use hashtags