Office Hours | SEO (Part 2)


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Office Hours | SEO (Part 2)

As you learned in last week’s Office Hours episode, incorporating targeted keyword phrases into your blog content is essential. Those SEO-driving phrases need to be sprinkled throughout all of your content, but you can also benefit from placing them strategically in a few more places.

This episode shares our specific recommendations on where else to load up your keywords within a blog/podcast/vlog post:

  1. The post URL: WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, and many other blogging platforms allow you to alter the URLs of your posts, so take advantage of that flexibility!
  2. The post title: It’s essential that your post title include your target keyword phrase since titles are among the top elements examined by search engine algorithms.
  3. The name of the featured or primary image for the page/post: When editing and saving your images, name them using your keyword phrase. Also add your keyword phrase to the “alt text” and “title” fields when you upload the image via WordPress/Squarespace/Blogger.
  4. Any relevant internal links: Linking to other posts on your blog helps keep readers circulating through your content. When you do this, be sure to link related keyword phrases instead of simple directives like “click here.”
  5. The first paragraph of text in the post and/or the first subheading: You don’t want to hammer on this phrase too much, but working it into the first few lines of body copy is vital to your SEO efforts.
  6. The names of any additional images
  7. The final paragraph of text

For more information on how to incorporate SEO into your online business, check out this blog post (with screenshots)!